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Sainsburys’ Site

Posted by: | Posted on: June 3, 2015
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Sainsburys announced last week that they no longer plan to open a store here. The developers J Ross are pressing ahead with building it though, and Sainsburys are obliged to take it when it’s ready, so they are looking for an alternative use. We are sure the people of Llangollen can think of some so Click on ‘Cittaslow Forum’ up there on the menu bar and let us have your ideas.

David Mills of Sainsbury’s property department has said he’ll follow the forum, so let’s give him some good ideas.


Most people seem to be leaving ‘Comments’ on this page, not using the forum properly. PLEASE click on Cittaslow Forum above, then on the forum title ‘What should Sainsburys do’ That shows two discussions, both started by me (Phil). Click ‘New Topic’ and put in your idea. I hope others will then add comments to your ideas, plus their own.