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New Users

Posted by: | Posted on: January 17, 2013
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We’re getting registrations, which means the word is getting out. If you’ve registered because your business or group is in the register, there’s something you need to know:

Data can only be edited by the user who created it. If you sign up and create a new entry, it’s yours to modify as you see fit (though we’ll keep an eye out for ‘inappropriate material’.

Data that we entered from our own surveys of local businesses and voluntary groups technically ‘belongs’ to our web administrator. So if we have your business or group listed and you want to change it or add more information then please contact and he will switch ‘ownership’ of the data to you.

If you haven’t registered yet, scroll down to the ‘Meta’ box bottom right and click on ‘Register’. Once registered you can click the ‘Log in’ link.