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Urban Fabric Goals

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Urban Fabric means everything we make and build and use in our town, from major buildings down to plastic bags. In Wales we already have the 5p plastic bag scheme but our Urban Fabric team, Margaret Jones from the Civic Society and David Davies from the Tidy Town Team have plenty more to look at:

  1. Plans to promote the maintenance, conservation and enhancement of historic areas, buildings and artifacts of
    cultural and local significance
  2. Policies to protect property and ensure the safety of the community
  3. Initiatives to encourage the use of recyclable or reusable crockery and cutlery in local establishments
  4. Policies to ensure effective litter and waste management including the provision of sympathetically designed litter bins
  5. Initiatives to plant environment enhancing plants in public and private gardens
  6. Provision and promotion of interactive websites where the public can communicate with the administrators of the town
  7. Policies to promote eco-friendly architecture
  8. Production of a Town Plan, Conservation Area Appraisal, Town Design Statement or similar to promote
    appreciation of historic centres and to make them user-friendly