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Local Produce & Products Goals

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You might think a small town like Llangollen cannot produce very much, but once you consider the area round about there is a terrific range of farming and food products, and light industry. The Local Produce & Products Goals are being tackled by Gill Thomas of the Llangollen Country Market and Catherine Veasey representing the Chamber of Trade and the Wholefood Co-Op working closely with the Hospitality & Community pair.

  1. Maintenance of an up to date register of locally produced goods and producers within the natural hinterland of the town
  2. Organisation of events and training to raise public awareness and appreciation of local cultural and artistic
    traditions and skills
  3. Policies to encourage and provide space for farmers and organic markets
  4. Policies to increase awareness of good food and nutrition
  5. Educational programmes to encourage and support organic, traditional and sustainable farming
  6. Policies to preserve and support unique local foodstuffs
  7. Policies to encourage organic farming and the independent quality certification of produce and products
  8. Initiatives to create awareness of traditional foodstuffs
  9. Policies to protect and support goods and produce that represent local traditions

Goal 1 is well on track we already have an impressive amount of data on businesses with a 20 mile radius of Llangollen. In due course we’ll publish it here.