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Infrastructure Goals

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We are fortunate that Llangollen already has pretty good infrastructure, but we’re not complacent. Two town councillors, Sheena Burrell and Bob Lube have already analysed what we do well and are looking into how we can improve things to make Llangollen a better place.

  1. Existence of well maintained public green spaces
  2. Development and implementation of an integrated traffic management and access strategy that addresses the needs of pedestrians and conserves the historic character of the town
  3. Disability friendly access to public places and public offices
  4. Infrastructure that facilitates alternative mobility such as walking and cycling
  5. Easily accessible public conveniences
  6. Places throughout the town for people to sit down and rest
  7. Customer friendly and uniform opening hours for all council offices
  8. Provision of a Public Relations service to answer media and other queries about the town
  9. Provision of a customer response service to answer public queries about Cittaslow
  10. Initiatives that encourage local businesses to open at times that coincide with local residents’ needs