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Hospitality & Community Goals

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Tourism is vitally important to Llangollen, but sometimes it can seem as if the needs of tourists and residents are very different, and some residents feel their interests are neglected in the rush to cater for visitors. In fact we all, residents and tourists have many things in common. Other Cittaslow goals; environment, local produce, urban fabric all help to make the town better to live in and more interesting to visit.

Hospitality & Community goals take that a stage further by setting out to improve the experience of people in the town, whether they are local people shopping or working in town, or visitors. Our team working on these goals is Sal Jefford from Pro-Adventure and Arlo Dennis from the Llangollen Hostel.

  1. Commitment to develop a local Slow Food convivium
  2. Provision of multi-lingual signposting and visitor information
  3. Provision of customer service training for all those providing services to visitors
  4. Development and maintenance of well marked tourist routes with interpretation and information
  5. Production of printed guides about Cittaslow in the town
  6. Promotion of a wide cross section of social events, sports clubs and volunteering opportunities for the whole community
  7. Provision of managed car parks in areas offering easy access to the town centre
  8. Promotion of special local events to encourage local people to enjoy local facilities and participate fully in community life
  9. Promotion of local initiatives that link into Cittaslow goals and principles