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Environmental Goals

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Sometimes Environmentalism gets a bad press and seems to have nothing to do with the way we live. The environmental goals of Cittaslow are all about making our towns nicer places to live and work in.

  1. Apparatus to test air quality and report on conditions
  2. Policies to maintain the quality of water supplies and ensure pollution free water in rivers and waterways
  3. Plans for the implementation of new composting technology and the promotion of home composting
  4. Mechanisms to measure light pollution and action plans to reduce it
  5. Incentives to encourage the use of alternative sources of energy
  6. Mechanisms to measure electromagnetic pollution and action plans to reduce it
  7. Apparatus to measure noise pollution and policies to reduce it
  8. Policies to eliminate advertising and signage clutter
  9. Application of a formal Environmental Management System
  10. Participation in and support for local Agenda 21 projects

Town councillor Tony Baker and Lesley Richards from Llangollen friends of the Earth are our Working Group members looking at improving our environment.