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Cittaslow Awareness

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There’s not much point being a Cittaslow town if people don’t know about it and don’t know how they can benefit from it, so ‘Cittaslow Awareness’ is an important part of the process. There are nine Awareness goals:

  1. Maintenance of a Directory of local organisations contributing to the aims and objectives of Cittaslow
  2. Display of the Cittaslow logo in public places and on official documents
  3. Promotion of the movement’s aims and objectives to local residents and visitors
  4. Maintenance of a website that illustrates how Cittaslow themes are applied in the town
  5. Promotion of family life and healthy living for all age groups
  6. Provision of monitoring systems and budgets to enhance the town’s score against the Cittaslow membership goals
  7. Collation of media coverage relating to Cittaslow in the town
  8. Initiatives to involve local businesses, organisations and opinion formers in promoting Cittaslow and enhancing
    the town’s performance against the membership goals
  9. Policies to encourage schools, hospitals, community facilities and local businesses to use local produce,
    products and services

Cittaslow Awareness is handled by Phil Robinson (Journalist and editor of Llanblogger) and Mike Edwards.

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