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What Should Sainsbury Do?
On May 21 we read ( that Sainsbury were not going to open a supermarket here after all, and that they were looking for alternative uses for the site. This is the place to let them know what YOU want
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4 Comments to Cittaslow Forum

  1. herblady says:

    A large supermarket on the edge of town would ruin the local shops and cause congestion on the A5. If the building has to remain, a better use for the site might be some sort of visitor attraction such as a Winter Gardens and Aquarium, with access through the Riverside Park. Alternatively a company such as Moneypenny which offers answering services to businesses and is expanding in Wrexham but might be interested in having part of its business in Llangollen. However, in my opinion the building should be removed and the site used for housing and parking. Luxury houses along the river and affordable housing towards the A5. Parking between the housing and the Riverside Park, allowing for more visitors to the town, increasing footfall in local shops and revenue for the Council.

  2. victor27 says:

    I agree with the previous comment. The best use of this site and one which would increase the use of existing town facilities, would be residential housing built in sympathy with the riverside environment. Separating luxury from ‘affordable’ as suggested above is hardly appropriate…mixed housing across the site would be far more suitable, encourage a cohesive community, and enhance the approach to the town from Corwen, as well as enhancing the riverside approach.

  3. tkeddie says:

    I think it would be good to have a proper supermarket in town that sells family sized products rather than sizes for people on holiday. It would actually make me use the local shops more and I could be more selective with my shopping as it could all be done in town. It would be good for employment and would cause no more congestion on the A5 than we have already, but at least it would keep people in town.

  4. tyrna says:

    i would first of all approve use of the site for parking as the town does desperately need that, but does it need more shops? all that happened when they opened eagles meadow in wrexham was that shops moved there and the town was left bare so no i don’t think any form of commerce is viable yet.i don’t think luxury housing is the answer either as llangollen needs ‘affordable’ housing.
    cattle market? nice idea but viable? a small recycling centre would possibly be a temporary usage, but if nothing is viable(commercially) then an extension to the riverside park(paddling pool, picnic area etc) might be nice until everyone can take stock and reassess the situation

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