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Some people are finding it hard to start new discussions and their ideas are all ending up in the Comments section, not the forum. It is abit hard to find if you are not used to online forums, so here’s a tip:

Click ‘Cittaslow Forum’ on the menu (above right)

Slide down to the grey box and click on the title ‘What should Sainsbury do?’ (The box goes green when the pointer slides over it).

Now you should see this:


Sainsburys’ Site

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Sainsburys announced last week that they no longer plan to open a store here. The developers J Ross are pressing ahead with building it though, and Sainsburys are obliged to take it when it’s ready, so they are looking for an alternative use. We are sure the people of Llangollen can think of some so Click on ‘Cittaslow Forum’ up there on the menu bar and let us have your ideas.

David Mills of Sainsbury’s property department has said he’ll follow the forum, so let’s give him some good ideas.


Most people seem to be leaving ‘Comments’ on this page, not using the forum properly. PLEASE click on Cittaslow Forum above, then on the forum title ‘What should Sainsburys do’ That shows two discussions, both started by me (Phil). Click ‘New Topic’ and put in your idea. I hope others will then add comments to your ideas, plus their own.

New Board and Constitution

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The working group set up by the council in 2012 to get Cittaslow status for the town is being replaced by a permanent group that will keep nudging the Cittaslow aims forward. This group now know officially as ‘Cittaslow Llangollen’ has a new constitution and you can download a copy here.

We held our first AGM and board election at the town meeting last month (March 27th) but would like to attract some more new board members. If you interested, or just want to find out more, contact us.

Your Cittaslow

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Llangollen is a Cittaslow town, so if you live here we want to hear from you.

It’s easy to get involved, below this post click on ‘Leave a Reply’ and have your say. Before you can send us your comment you have to be registered and logged in. The Registration link is just to the right of the page near the bottom.

If you want to get even more involved, we’re changing the Cittaslow working group that was set up to get us the award into a permanent Cittaslow group that will push forward projects to improve the quality of life in the town. If you want to help, or have an idea you’d like to see put into practice, contact us.

Llangollen lands coveted Cittaslow status

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cittaslow success 006* The Mayor of Llangollen, Cllr Robert Lube, accepts Cittaslow accreditation from representatives of the organisation in Mold Andrea Mearns, left, and Sarah Pratt. Members of the successful bid team celebrate in the background.

LLANGOLLEN has just officially become part of a select worldwide community dedicated to safeguarding precious resources.

The town’s year-long bid to become part of the international Cittaslow movement, which fosters economic, social and environmental sustainability, was rewarded this week when it was formally granted accreditation by the organisation.

Bosses of the Denbighshire tourist mecca say this will now bring a range of benefits, including reassuring potential visitors and investors that it is well run and progressive, and unlocking funds from central government and the EU to help finance local initiatives.

Llangollen has become only the second Cittaslow town in Wales after Mold, and is only the sixth in the UK.

Mold is said to have benefited enormously from holding the status.

Cittaslow grew from the Slow Food Movement, another international scheme which links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment by promoting local, seasonal produce and reconnecting people with where their food comes from.
The name Cittaslow is derived from the Italian word for city or town and is pronounced almost like ‘cheetah’. Slow is English.

Under the umbrella of the town council, Llangollen set up a working group dedicated to winning Cittaslow status.

The group’s 14 members, including councillors and non-councillors, have spent the past year putting together a formal bid package which demonstrated every aspect of the town’s suitability for accreditation, including the strength of its local produce and products and its hospitality and community assets.

The bid was showcased by group members to two Cittaslow representatives from Mold during a presentation held in the town hall on Wednesday evening.

At the end of it, Mold town councillor Andrea Mearns told them: “This is a very sound application and we’ll be recommending you are accepted as a Cittaslow town.

“You have done very well and have produced a good body of evidence to support your application. You will be welcomed into the Cittaslow network.”

She went on to explain that each of the UK’s six Cittaslow towns has a place on the national board which is one of 23 representing countries across the world.

Businesses in Llangollen will now be entitled to carry the official Cittaslow logo on their websites and Llangollen Town Council is investigating the possibility of flying a Cittaslow flag over the town hall.

Members of the bid group are currently working on plans to spread the word locally about the benefits Cittaslow membership.

Spokesman and town councillor Phil Thane said: “We are delighted to have won accreditation which is a tribute to the hard work put in by the bid group and of our town clerk Gareth Thomas.

“There are two major reasons for becoming a Cittaslow town.

“Firstly, it provides a set of well recognised goals that serve to keep the town council and Denbighshire County Council up to scratch.

“Also, when the council or a voluntary body in Llangollen applies for a grant from Cardiff, London or Brussels being a Cittaslow town shows that we are well organised and run and should help us bring more investment into the town.

“One of our main aims is to involve as many people as possible in Cittaslow Llangollen, which is why we’ve set up a website to show you what we’re doing at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.”

Llyr Gruffydd, North Wales regional AM for Plaid Cymru, said: “I’m delighted that Llangollen has joined Mold as one of the Cittaslow towns – a third of all the UK’s Cittaslow towns are in North Wales [2 out of 6].

“Mold has worked hard to gain a reputation as a food town and I’m sure this new status will also help Llangollen’s food producers and outlets to benefit. We should be justifiably proud that our food and drink is of such high quality. The challenge now is to create the outlets for those products to be sold throughout the region.”

We Got It!

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Last night (28th August) the Cittaslow Llangollen group presented their application to two representatives of Cittaslow UK in the council chamber. This was the culmination of several months of work, collecting information about the current state of Llangollen, and finding out what could be improved.

Cittaslow UK was represented by Andrea Mearns (one of Cittaslow International’s nine vice-presidents) and Sarah Pratt. Both from the first Cittaslow town in Wales, Mold. They were delighted with our application, and pleased to announce then and there that we had met all the conditions necessary to become the second Cittaslow town in Wales, and the sixth in the UK.

Chair of the Cittaslow working group, Phil Thane, thanked all the members who had put in many hours of work collecting the information and putting together a great presentation, and paid tribute to Town Clerk Gareth Thomas whose organisational skills kept the all the paperwork in order.

Mayor Bob Lube was also pleased with the outcome. The Cittaslow group was set up as an ad-hoc body to work towards accreditation, now we have it in the bag the next task is to work out how to incorporate Cittaslow Goals into the town council’s work to make a real difference for the people of Llangollen.

New app encourages people to grow their own

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During the current National Gardening Week, Crunchd has announced the launch of a pioneering new social platform to incite and inspire people to grow and share their own food.

Combining a website and a free app for both iOS and Android smartphone users, Crunchd is the first of its kind to enable anyone with a Facebook account to use the Crunchd app to find out what’s in season, what other people are growing and cooking, and whether people in their area want to trade their produce when it comes to harvest time.
•The platform navigation and information is tailored to the user allowing them to search and discover Crunchd according to their location
•Nearly a third of all British adults are now sprouting their own
•Crunchd hopes to revolutionise the way we source our food and build communities which in time will save people money
•Crunchd provides a platform for people to share and view seasonal recipes and record growing status.
•Users can gain progress badges such as the ‘Elvis Parsley’ badge for singing to their crop
•The app has a beautiful design and user interface created by Synth Media

People like the concept of growing your own food and the romantic ideal of the good life, but when reality sets in people find it hard to get started and worry when things don’t quite work how they would like to.

Crunchd is there to offer support, find like-minded people, and learn from those in the know. Crunchd has also put together the most popular organic and high yielding seeds made available via the online store which can easily be grown outside, inside or even in window boxes and other city garden spaces, with a growing guide supplied as well as all the support from, it is time for cities to embrace grow your own.

Town’s Cittaslow bid on track

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PhD student Tessa Holland from Newcastle University came to town on Friday to meet some of the Cittaslow bid team and look around the town.

Tessa’s research is focusing on how the various Cittaslow towns in the UK network with each other, learn from each other and from the global Cittaslow movement.

She’s only just started her research and is visiting existing Cittaslow towns, to get a sense of what they are doing.

She is interested in Llangollen as a town that is just starting out on the Cittaslow process.

Bid group leader Phil Thane showed Tessa around town and introduced her to several team members.

Llangollen’s Cittaslow group is on track to complete the application process by June.


* Tessa Holland, left, talks to Gill Thomas at the Country Market in Llangollen Town Hall.


Special event to promote Cittaslow discussed by working group

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A special open-air event could be staged in the town centre this May to raise awareness of Llangollen’s bid for Cittaslow status.
This was one of the ideas discussed at the latest meeting of the working group spearheading the bid to gain the accreditation, which could bring major benefits to the area.
Cittaslow grew out of the ‘Slow Food’ movement in Italy to encourage people to use local businesses and delight in local produce.
Now it is a worldwide organisation and is a demonstration that a community is serious about sustainability – economic, social and environmental.
Last year (2012) the town council decided that Cittaslow embodied many of the things that the council was trying to achieve with its Town Plan and decided to set up the working group to aim to become a Cittaslow town.
The group, which meets monthly at the Town Hall, consists of four councillors and representatives from a wide range of community associations.
At the latest meeting, on March 26, respresentatives of the various disciplines involved in the bid gave a summary of progress made over the past month.
One suggestion which drew unanimous support from members was for a special Cittaslow awareness day to be held, possibly on the Royal Gardens, on a date yet to be arranged in May.
This would feature a display of what Cittaslow and the Slow Food movement is all about and it is envisaged that other local groups, such as Friends of the Earth and the local gardening club will also be represented.
It was also suggested that Llangollen Silver Band could be invited to play and that a face-painter should be on hand to entertain youngsters.
Town clerk Gareth Thomas agreed to do some initial work on the idea, reporting back to the group next month.
Other ways of publicising the Cittaslow bid and its benefits were discussed, including using the noticeboard at the front of the Town Hall in Castle Street for displays and posters being placed in shop windows.
The possibility of involving the UCLAN centre – formerly the Youth Hostel – in Llangollen in the bid initiative was also suggested.
For anyone wishing to get in touch, the working group now has its own dedicated email address, which is
To find out more about Cittaslow in the UK and worldwide please see

Enquiries come in about joining Slow Food group

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Enquiries are coming in fast from businesses interested in finding out more about starting a Slow Food group in Llangollen.
In the past few weeks over 50 shops, restaurants, pubs and other firms have been invited to help with the initiative, which is being planned as part of the town’s bid to achieve Cittaslow status.
Slow Food is an international organisation that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment by promoting local, seasonal produce and reconnecting people with where their food comes from.
It is a not-for-profit movement in which local groups, run by volunteers, organise a variety of events alongside local food and drink producers and chefs.
Members of the Cittaslow bid team have been distributing leaflets and putting up posters across the area giving people more details about Slow Food and giving them the opportunity to make an enquiry about helping set up a local group.
At the latest monthly Cittaslow group meeting at the Town Hall on Tuesday evening, members were brought up to date on how the scheme is progressing by Sal Jefford who is spearheading it.
She said that as a result of the publicity drive, a number of enquiries had come in.
A minimum of 10 are needed to start a group, so she encouraged more businesses to get involved.
• If you are interested in learning more about how you can help, or would like to be kept informed of our progress, e-mail, or phone or text Sal on 07786 623802.
Organisers also want to hear from anyone in Llangollen who is already a member of Slow Food UK.
Gill Thomas then updated members on the good progress she is making in compiling a local crafts and products directory.
This, she explained, aimed to include people with traditional crafts and product businesses within a 20-mile radius of the centre of Lllangollen.
So far, she had added 33 such businesses to the list, including ones as diverse as a coracle maker and a Welsh flannel weaver.
She is seeking many more to add to the growing list and invited anyone interested in being included to contact her via this website.
Gill, who already successfully runs the weekly country markets in Llangollen Town Hall, then put forward a suggestion for the revival of regular local farmers’ markets.
Members discussed this and came up with a number of possible locations in the town centre, which would now be investigated.